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Independent Spirits Distillery
Home-Grown and Hand-Crafted Spirits - Woolwich Township, New Jersey
our Mueller Still

Our Mueller Still

Our still is the most important piece of equipment we own.
It is truly the heart of the distillery. Made for us by Mueller, a 4th generation still manufacturer in Oberkirch-Tiergarten, Germany, it is sophisticated enough to create the subtle flavors of whiskey, the neutral smoothness of vodka and everything in between.
Every spirit we create is transformed from mash to alcohol within the copper chambers of our Mueller Still.
Our Mueller Still is the centerpiece of our operation. Custom made in Germany, erected at our barn by family members, it is the heart of the matter in producing our grain to glass spirits.

What is your spirit made of?

At Independent Spirits Distillery we use the best natural ingredients, and our grains are sourced from local farmers. We reduce, reuse and recycle every chance we get. When the essence of the grains have been captured the mash is returned to local farmers as animal feed.