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Woolwich Township, New Jersey

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We call it Moonshine but we really shouldn't. We have a license that we are very proud of so the Spirits we create cannot technically be defined as “moonshine”. But no other word conveys what our all-corn unaged whiskey is all about. Corn made liquid. Sunshine in a bottle. Crisp, surprisingly sippable with no afterburn.
ISD Gin, We use the wheat spirit that could have been vodka and join it with our unique blend of juniper and herbs. Sublime in a martini. Terrific with tonic. Bright, fresh and definitely not your grandfather’s gin.
ISD Vodka, harvested from the wheat fields of southern New Jersey. Distilled 16 times. Perfect straight from the freezer or coupled with your favorite cocktail. Smooth, clean and worthy of a place in your freezer.
Our Aquavit is an invigorating herbal spirit with caraway and dill leading the way. We craft it from the same clear wheat Spirit we create for our Vodka and Gin. Enjoy it in cold sips with food and friends. This is the Spirit behind the Great Scandinavian Inebriation. One taste will explain things.
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