Independent Spirits Distillery
Home-Grown and Hand-Crafted Spirits - Woolwich Township, New Jersey
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Our Distillery in Woolwich Township

Independent Spirits Distillery is a family - owned and operated craft distillery on ten acres of farmland in Woolwich Township, New Jersey. We may be the first craft distillery in Gloucester County but we know we won’t be the last. Craft distilling is here to stay and we are overjoyed to be part of the movement.

All our spirits from our botanical infused Aquavit to our Whiskey are distilled right here using locally sourced grains and produce. Our goal is to make uniquely delicious craft spirits that reflect the rich bounty of grains, fruits and botanicals grown in New Jersey and our Danish and Irish American heritage. We create everything in small batches so there is lots of room for experimentation!

We specialize in spirits but we keep many other refreshments on hand. for our visitors. Our delicious coffee from a local craft coffee roaster is always available as well as a selection of hot and cold teas and juice.

Our Mueller Still

Our still is the most important piece of equipment we own.
It is truly the heart of the distillery. Made for us by Mueller, a 4th generation still manufacturer in Oberkirch-Tiergarten, Germany, it is sophisticated enough to create the subtle flavors of whiskey, the neutral smoothness of vodka and everything in between.
Every spirit we create is transformed from mash to alcohol within the copper chambers of our Mueller Still.

What is your spirit made of?

At Independent Spirits Distillery we use the best natural ingredients, and our grains are sourced from local farmers. We reduce, reuse and recycle every chance we get. When the essence of the grains have been captured the mash is returned to local farmers as animal feed.

We love visitors. Contact us for more information.

Enjoy a little spirit and please drink responsibly.